near, mid, and long term prospects of dragonfly

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Sat Jan 14 02:06:40 PST 2023

On 1/14/23 00:03, Will Senn wrote:
> On 1/13/23 4:15 AM, Michael Neumann wrote:
>> Hi Will and welcome!
>> I am using DragonFly BSD almost since it's beginning, on all sorts of 
>> hardware. Even once giving a live presentation at my university about 
>> the HAMMER1 file system, where I was running a demo on an ASUS EEE PC 
>> (you know it's not very powerful), where I was mirroring the HAMMER 
>> filesystem in real time with my server, and students could upload 
>> files onto my server and that file would be mirrored to my EEE PC in 
>> real time and an on-screen message would pop up during my presentation 
>> :). Students soon realized that they can chat by naming the uploaded 
>> files accordingly :D :D. All with a simple `hammer mirror-stream` 
>> running in the background over poor WIFI.
> Thanks for the reply. I appreciate learning more about the background.
> This here is fascinating - real time replication to an EEE? I look 
> forward to understanding enough about hammer to try it out - If it'll 
> run on pi, that might be fun, too. Either way, I'm sure I can get two 
> DragonFly systems going and doing their things once I get the hammer 
> basics down.

Keep in mind that this was using HAMMER version 1, which worked pretty 
damn well, but is not suggested to be used anymore on DragonFly. Better 
use HAMMER2 now. HAMMER2 does not have this live-replication feature 
yet, and will probably not have it in the near future :). It was a neat 
way of doing continuous backups. On HAMMER2 you could use `cpdup` and 
HAMMER2 snapshots, though it's not as fine-grained as it was for HAMMER1 
(HAMMER1 had automatic fine-grained snapshots; with HAMMER2 you have to 
create snapshots explicitly... but they are very cheap).

RasperryPI? If it is x86 (64-bit) it could work :). Please report how 
things are going.



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