Dports, Dsynth and Options

Matthew Dillon dillon at backplane.com
Wed Feb 1 10:40:47 PST 2023

There are two places.  You can set global make variables related to ports
based on the profile selected in /etc/dsynth/dsynth.init.  For example, if
the profile is 'LiveSystem' (which is the default I think), you can then
put global make variables applied to all ports in

The second place is the Directory_options specified directory, configured
from /etc/dsynth/dsynth.ini.   This will be passed as the PORT_DBDIR make
option to the dports builds done by dsynth and may contain per-port files
with options for those ports in it.   The file format is the same as for
the normal PORT_DBDIR.

So, for example, if you cd into a dport, say www/chromium, and do a 'make
config', it will create a directory /var/db/ports/www_chromium and a file
in that directory called "options" based on the options you configured for
that port.

In dsynth, the options directory is specified by the Directory_options
configuration variable in /etc/dsynth/dsynth.ini ... you would normally
either point that directly at your local machine's /var/db/ports, or you
would copy options you have set in /var/db/ports to the location that you
specify for dsynth to pick them up from.

Creating the options is basically CD'ing into the dport and typing 'make
config'.  That will create the options sub-directory and file under
/var/db/ports/ ... which you then have dsynth either use directly or you
copy the structure to where dsynth can pick it up.

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