WiFi EAP-TLS Hostap

Kostya Berger bergerkos at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 6 13:00:47 PST 2023

Please say something, yes or no or what. Or I'll have to conclude I'm the only one trying to USE this system. I'm already close to that idea...
Oh and please, somebody, fix the vlan and rc.conf man that give wrong instructions on how to enable VLAN through rc.conf.  The only working way is:vlans_if="vlanN" (or any other word, but NOT em0.10 type of notation using real interface name dot vlan tag)create_args_vlanN="vlan N"ifconfig_vlanN="..."Yes, all the three of them. Otherwise, the first line can be replaced with "cloned_interfaces="vlanN", it seems.
Notation like "em0.10" (FreeBSD style) apparently doesn't work here. Only alias-type names like "smthXYZyounameit".

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