WiFi EAP-TLS Hostap

Kostya Berger bergerkos at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 4 07:37:35 PST 2023

Hello everyone, thanks for your hard work and support. I'm testing DragonFly BSD system on a compact computer serving also as a WiFi Ap with EAP-TLS (FreeRAIDUS3 based).
My problems seems to be that the wlan0 interface comes up all right, with isc-dhcpd and hostapd in in place. Setup I've copied over from my existing FreeBSD installation, except for some adjustments here and there.
The problem is, I can't see the AP in my WiFi manager on my phone, for example. ifconfig wlan0 shows status: associated, while in FreeBSD the status is "running".
There is also the occasional message "ath0: device timeout", but does it mean something? I'll send the log presently, just wanna make sure I'm posting to the right place ))

With kindest regards,
Kostya Berger
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