Firefox does not render pages after src update

Ron Georgia netverbs at
Mon Jul 27 12:34:43 PDT 2020

I recently updated from 5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.583.gcfe60-DEVELOPMENT to 
5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.609.g7dae3d-DEVELOPMENT. After upgrading to 609 
Firefox rendered pages (any page) as if you did a 'cat' on a binary 
file. I pulled down the latest dports and did a git pull. I removed 
firefox (pkg remove firefox). I did a make install, but that did not 
change anything. I removed all references to mozilla in my $HOME and did 
a pkg install firefox. There was no change. With each upgrade (see 
update history below), I tried to uninstall and reinstall firefox, but 
it still fails to render any pages. Fortunately Chrome works. Any and 
all suggestions are welcome.

Update History:

5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.567.g4be474-DEVELOPMENT
5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.583.gcfe60-DEVELOPMENT  <-- Firefox worked
5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.609.g7dae3d-DEVELOPMENT<-- Firefox stopped 
working correctly
5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.620.gd46e5-DEVELOPMENT                |
5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.632.g647fa5-DEVELOPMENT               |
5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.640.gd2de7-DEVELOPMENT               \ /

This is a "snippet" of a copy and paste from Firefox looking at

Ž€]ì~‰“&mÓ؃LÒNƒÛ´A“™Ýûi at K´ÍDjIÊŽ÷Çßç
VëæÛÏÃ;¢5¢Íé²:;E(²ÉófxW•Æ!3zýúuÜÍk•,ðQ© ­í«ÿ4z9Îά 
ž<;‘¼P¦oZ²É=ïHZÛ’5rI{‰êÿ ˜¸HZ÷ÍZ±ùŒÙ²´«lÂƹÂsâ-þNåˆH¡™+M>óýY¼"µ”$s
tb½ð|?ëÖÃ÷oOϏ‡¬Ô *V&›¼OžÈzÇb5

Snippet from

S��Eu�Eed at u����HY8�%08&��e;����������??_:'�=s\���1��,ie�4��M�DLL��t�������F��`�
�AB-!Bq���6��H��9$(}Ǽ��b%���^��n����@�i@�3 ��"�{� 

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