BSD equivalent of sysinfo?

Pierre Abbat phma at
Fri Jul 24 11:12:24 PDT 2020

I'm writing a program that reads a point cloud and constructs an octree. From 
a 6.5 MB LAS file, it constructs a 52 MB octree file, reading and writing every 
block several times in the process. This takes a very long time, so I'd like 
to modify the store to always allocate a buffer when there's some RAM remaining 
(maybe 1/4 of the RAM available when the program started). On Linux, there's a 
function sysinfo(&info) which does this, where info is a struct sysinfo, but 
this function does not exist on DragonFly BSD. How can I find out the available 

The reason the octree is so much bigger than the LAS file is twofold. First, 
the blocks of the octree are nowhere near full; second, there are several 
variants of the LAS format, and the class LasPoint has to accommodate all of 

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