Firefox does not render pages after src update

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Tue Jul 28 02:23:53 PDT 2020

Hello Ron,

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On Monday 27 July 2020 21:34, Ron Georgia <netverbs at> wrote:

> I recently updated from 5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.583.gcfe60-DEVELOPMENT to
> 5.9-DEVELOPMENT v5.9.0.609.g7dae3d-DEVELOPMENT. After upgrading to 609
> Firefox rendered pages (any page) as if you did a 'cat' on a binary
> file. I pulled down the latest dports and did a git pull. I removed
> firefox (pkg remove firefox). I did a make install, but that did not
> change anything. I removed all references to mozilla in my $HOME and did
> a pkg install firefox. There was no change. With each upgrade (see
> update history below), I tried to uninstall and reinstall firefox, but
> it still fails to render any pages. Fortunately Chrome works. Any and
> all suggestions are welcome.

I have the same thing on the release version (v5.8.0.27.g9ba7d) but I'm sure it's linked to the update of Firefox version (76 -> 77) as I noticed the difference right after and didn't update the OS itself.
I guess it's probably the same in your case.

On IRC (#dragonflybsd on EFNet) jh32 came to the conclusion that some pages were still working when the header Accept-Encoding (1) wasn't set and so when the server didn't answer with a Content-Encoding (2). You can check all that with the developer tools (press F12 when loading a webpage and check the headers for the request on / in the network tab). He mentionned an extension : Modify Header Value extension and removing the Accept-Encoding header for all websites as a workaround. 

One guess from kworr is that the code to decompress the content has been moved from the main process, as he said, using Firefox without E10S is unsupported for a long time and that's what the DragonFlyBSD port is still doing.

Hope that helps, but as you said, there's still the Chrome solution.


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