cannot install dfly on machine, errors probing system for storage capabilities

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Tue Aug 23 13:43:12 PDT 2016

Dear folks,

I want to install dragonfly to a machine.  I log in as installer and
run install to disk, first message says

Errors occurred while probing the system for its storage capabilities.
< OK >

The the installer could not find any disks
suitable for installation ( IDE or SCSI )
attached to this computer. If you wish
to install DragonFly BSD on an
orthodox sotrage device, you will
have to exit to a LiveCD command prompt
and install it manually, using the file
/README as a guide.

I installed previous version 4.4.3 successfully without this error.
Is there an idiot proof way to install dfly via a script? if the
installer cannot find a suitable device?

Thanks in Advance,


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