PFS mirror problems

Lanir lanir at
Tue Aug 23 20:53:31 PDT 2016


I think I must have setup the mirroring incorrectly because nothing is
happening. I tried following the guide "how to implement hammer pseudo
file system( pfs ) slave mirroring from pfs master" on the website but
something appears to have gone wrong.

I have two 7.3tb hammer filesystems spread over two physical disks each
on the same system. I had problems creating the slave PFS so created it
as a master, demoted it, then altered the shared-uuid to match before
trying to mirror it. When I do a mirror-copy I get this result:

# hammer mirror-copy /usr/stor/backups /usr/backup-stor/pfs/backups
Mirror-read /usr/stor/backups succeeded

The data is obviously not being copied over:

# df -h /usr/stor /usr/backup-stor
Filesystem                       Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
stor1                            7.3T    44G   7.2T     1%    /usr/stor
backup-stor1                     7.3T   1.0G   7.3T     0%   

As far as I can tell they're setup correctly:

# hammer pfs-status /usr/stor/backups /usr/backup-stor/backups/ | egrep
    operating as a MASTER
    operating as a SLAVE

Can someone help point me towards the problem? I feel like I may have
missed something.

Thank you!

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