PulseAudio has been removed from dports

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Fri Aug 19 11:42:30 PDT 2016

As has been mentioned in a few posts and on IRC, the pulseaudio server 
didn't seem to work and even caused one CPU to spin at 100% usage. 
Moreover, it seems that firefox, even if built without pulseaudio, would 
detect if PA was installed and use it over ALSA resulting in no sound 
and a spinning CPU.

So I've removed it from dports upon request.
All of the mozilla stuff builds without it (firefox*, thunderbird, 
seamonkey, libxul, etc).

The modification that forced PA on VLC media player was removed.

gnome and cinnamon ports had to be patched to not build sound components 
that utilize pulseaudio, so functionality was removed but it appears 
those things didn't work anyway.

other casualities:
- lang/squeak (smalltalk language) and two dependent ports
- several ham radio ports
- pulseaudio monitor and control apps
- pulseaudio gstreamer plugins
- some xfce4 modules
- net-im/empathy
- multimedia/gmerlin
- multimedia/lives

Maybe this will motivate somebody to try to fix PulseAudio so these 
ports and functionality can return, but I'm guessing nobody will for 
quite a while.

Right now the changes are in /usr/dports meaning they aren't in binary 
packages yet.  Pulseaudio is still present in the current packages.


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