How do I make a new disk bootable?

Francis GUDIN fgudin at
Wed Jun 19 07:30:08 PDT 2013

Le 17-06-2013, Pierre Abbat <phma at> a écrit :
> Darner has three disks: ad0 is the old IDE disk, ad4 is the SATA disk which 
> has everything that was on ad0, and ad6 is the other SATA disk. It uses ad0 
> only for booting; I'd like to get rid of it. So I typed:
> # boot0cfg -B /dev/ad4
> (actually the /dev/serno equivalent), turned it off, disconnected the power 
> from ad0, and rebooted. It gave an F1 menu. I hit F1, and it beeped.
> I'm guessing that slice 1, which is active, needs something written to sector 
> 0 to make it bootable. How do I do this?

Exactly: disklabel -B ad4s1 should do.

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