[HEADS UP] TSC cputimer is added

Sepherosa Ziehau sepherosa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 19:02:36 PDT 2013

Hi all,

For master users, TSC cputimer is added and enabled on x86_64 if MP
synchronized TSC is detected.  If you have noticed any problems,
please let me know, and you could put following tunables in
to disable TSC cputimer.

sysctl kern.cputimer
will tell you whether TSC cputimer is being used or not.

Patch for TSC cputimer for i386 is at here:

If you are running i386 on relative newer CPUs (e.g. sandy-bridge, or
even nehalem), please give the above patch a try.

For folks interested in vkernel, we now could implement TSC cputimer
for vkernel to save the cost of sysctl.

Best Regards,

Tomorrow Will Never Die

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