Dragonfly network changes

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Thu Feb 17 19:25:49 PST 2011

    Various DragonFly machines are now running on a much faster network
    thanks to AT&T u-verse, and despite utterly horrid disaster that
    at&t's little router box is I am slowly managing to thrash it into

    Our main web site is now on the new network (www, gitweb, wiki,
    and bugs).


    Developer access to leaf via the new network will work if you
    use 'leaf-uv.dragonflybsd.org'.  leaf.dragonflybsd.org will continue
    to use the old network for a while.

    Our nameserver topology has been revamped a bit to remove old cruft
    and dual-home the networks.

    I will not be renumbering until I can get the reverse DNS operational
    (lots of phone tag with AT&T), plus give the new network a good burn-in.


    For those interested this is AT&T Business U-Verse.  Downlink speed is
    around 16 MBits and uplink speed is around 2 MBits with their
    highest-grade service.  My comcast cable internet (which I will be
    getting rid of soon), also the highest grade service, has a faster
    downlink speed of around 30 MBits, but around the same uplink speed
    of 2 MBits.

    Of course, I only really care about uplink speed here, since I'm
    serving data out.

    However, the AT&T service so far does seem a bit more consistent
    and I will test it vs my comcast internet (before I get rid of it)
    with hulu et-all.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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