How big is fully loaded?

Alex Hornung ahornung at
Tue Feb 22 03:18:40 PST 2011

On 17 Feb 2011, at 04:14, Pierre Abbat <phma at> wrote:
> I was thinking, if I wanted /home to be encrypted, or shared with Linux on the 
> same laptop, or both (LUKS is LUKS, right?), how much disk space should I 
> allocate to everything but /home?

Yes, luks on DragonFly should be compatible with linux, except for some less common IV algorithms such as benbi.
If you stick to aes and essiv or plain iv it should definitely work. You of course also need an FS that is supported by both linux and DragonFly.

> I also saw lvm next to cryptsetup. Does it work the same way as in Linux? I've 
> been using lvm since at least 2007.

Yes, lvm on DragonFly is compatible with Linux but there are some caveats or rather missing features such as mirroring and snapshots, iirc. What works are linear and striped LVM volumes.



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