DMA (was sendmail bug et al..)

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Wed Feb 20 06:22:31 PST 2008

* Bill Hacker wrote:
> First glance at the man page, 'dma' looks clean and KISS-driven..
> NOT listening on port 25 takes care of a whole raft of potential exploits. What 
> remans is to check errant script/daemon resistance.

If you find any bugs, inconsistencies etc mail to bugs at .

> Do you know if anyone has tried 'dma' on other-than DFLY platform yet?

It is clean C code and should compile out-of-the-box on *BSD.  At least
dma compiles and works with DragonFly and FreeBSD.  But I'm sure it
could work under almost all Unixes ...


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