DMA (was sendmail bug et al..)

Bill Hacker wbh at
Wed Feb 20 05:32:59 PST 2008

Matthias Schmidt wrote:
> * Bill Hacker wrote:
>> Where can one find more info about dma?
> man 8 dma and
>> My specific interest is relative resistance to abuse / 
misconfiguration with
>> default settings - relative to sendmail et al.
> Sure, go ahead.
> 	Matthias

Ah, so  '... first appeared in DragonFly 1.11..'

I am still at 1.10.1, only playing with later, as presence of some 
devices blocks the boot process, and in an unexpected place.

Separate issue, that...

First glance at the man page, 'dma' looks clean and KISS-driven..

NOT listening on port 25 takes care of a whole raft of potential 
exploits. What remans is to check errant script/daemon resistance.

Do you know if anyone has tried 'dma' on other-than DFLY platform yet?


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