DMA (was sendmail bug et al..)

Bill Hacker wbh at
Wed Feb 20 06:54:34 PST 2008

Matthias Schmidt wrote:
* Bill Hacker wrote:
First glance at the man page, 'dma' looks clean and KISS-driven..

NOT listening on port 25 takes care of a whole raft of potential exploits. What 
remans is to check errant script/daemon resistance.
If you find any bugs, inconsistencies etc mail to bugs at .

Do you know if anyone has tried 'dma' on other-than DFLY platform yet?
It is clean C code and should compile out-of-the-box on *BSD.  At least
dma compiles and works with DragonFly and FreeBSD.  But I'm sure it
could work under almost all Unixes ...
I've got one or more revs of most of them up here, plus a few other 
(allegedly) posix-compliant projects.

Will have a go ...



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