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Bill Huey (hui) billh at
Mon Feb 12 18:18:03 PST 2007

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 04:54:42PM -0800, Dave Hayes wrote:
> Bill Huey <(hui) <billh at>> writes:
> > They've substituted sensibility with a kind of conformity, various
> > indirect personality tests, etc... that constrain people to doing what
> > they are told versus doing what is actually cool, interesting and will
> > actually get your career going quicker. 
> I believe someone spoke of the ability to abstract and generalize as
> being a skillset? 

Yeah, but how do you so called "test" that ? A lot of mathematicians think
their kind of thinking has supremacy over other kinds. What they don't
realize is that it's a learned skill like most things in this world and
that many people have this kind of ability. Unfortunately, software isn't
purely mathematical, but much more constructed from those tools.

It's an organic process that requires a different kind of understanding
and is much more like the creative arts. Software is more like a black
art anyways.

> Note that this same observation applies to most industries (especially
> the music business, which is why I did a doubletake reading this).
> I'd say it is the endgame of all large economic organizations to
> wallow in the mire of their own need to survive. 

It's why folks do startups instead.


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