Google is Hiring [ now way OT ]

Matt Emmerton matt at
Mon Feb 12 17:53:19 PST 2007

> Unfortunately this is carried by the current batch of CS kids that are
> brainwashed by the glory of how Java is going to save the world by
> preventing you from touching the bare metal, as they say, so you don't
> actual learn the true "fundamentals" any more so that you don't anything
> that's pioneering. That mentality, unfortunately, has really corrupted
> the UC campus system and I'm afraid much of the current trend of
> computer science throughout the United States, therefore the world,
> just to produce code monkeys.

My alma mater (University of Waterloo) went one step further -- instead of
standardizing on Java (which has some potential to become an "open" language
allowing folks to dig into gcj and related projects) decided to have all of
their engineering students learn C#.

Matt Emmerton

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