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Dave Hayes dave at
Mon Feb 12 17:01:33 PST 2007

Bill Huey <(hui) <billh at>> writes:
> It's been flooded with a lot of so called "business" oriented folks
> that only care about the short term bottom line. It's a good mentality
> to have to produce and release product without infinitely long
> development cycles, but our industry is getting pretty distant from
> the ... fundamentals that both me and you grew up with before the
> venture capital folks started pushing their monkeys around doing
> this and that.
> They've substituted sensibility with a kind of conformity, various
> indirect personality tests, etc... that constrain people to doing what
> they are told versus doing what is actually cool, interesting and will
> actually get your career going quicker. 

I believe someone spoke of the ability to abstract and generalize as
being a skillset? 

Note that this same observation applies to most industries (especially
the music business, which is why I did a doubletake reading this).

I'd say it is the endgame of all large economic organizations to
wallow in the mire of their own need to survive. 
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