new sysinstall

Ivan Voras ivoras! at !
Sun Aug 31 14:25:12 PDT 2003

Ben Laurie wrote:

>>     PHP5 looks very cool but it does depend on Python and a number of
>>     other things, so it takes a lot of CD space.  Maybe we could start
>>     with PHP4, which is also only around 4MB installed.  PHP5 could be
>>     an upgrade path for us down the line.
> I'd vote for a more "proper" language myself :-)

/me too/ :) I have done this on a large scale project (PHP4 for all-around
scripting) and I really hate putting '<?php' and '?>' at the beginning and
the end of every single script.

No, it's not hard work, it just looks ugly:

#!/usr/local/bin/php -q
        ... code ...

But then, I'll look forward to anything to escape from /bin/sh! :)))

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