new sysinstall

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Sun Aug 31 12:42:30 PDT 2003

David Leimbach <leimy2k at xxxxxxx> wrote in news:D94671EF-DBDF-11D7-9470-
0003937E39E0 at xxxxxxx:

> I have heard of people using PHP as a scripting language for system 
> administrative
> type stuff... but never seen it in practice as it just "feels wrong" to 
> me :).

Ensim uses php scripts as part of their CLI administrative tools.  It 
struck me as wierd at first, too, but that seems to have been more a matter 
of my expectations than because of any real problems.

I think one of the major barriers to improvement for FreeBSD's sysinstall 
is the complexity of the application, and a small/simple language like PHP4 
will "fix" that.  (i.e. even I could work on it.)

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