new sysinstall

Ivan Voras ivoras! at !
Sun Aug 31 14:29:32 PDT 2003

Ben Laurie wrote:

>>     * They have big library dependancy sets, which makes them somewhat
>>       fragile in regards to us being able to generate a release
>>       environment (everything is a moving target).
> Is that truer for Python than PHP4? Most of Python's library
> dependencies are for its own libraries - the core language hardly needs
> anything. And PHP builds in a pile of weird shit, too.

My biggest objection for PHP is that it is (usually used as...) monolithic -
every library compiles into one single executable (I mean, there are no
'header' or 'stub' files for every php-module). But this might as well serve
as an advantage in this case! I think that the mentioned monolithic
executable is all that takes to run it (besides the usual things like libc
:) ).

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