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Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Aug 13 11:01:23 PDT 2003

:Matthew Dillon wrote:
: > That said, it is obvious that 8 was too small and so it was bumped up
: > to 16.  The question is would it be reasonable to bump it up to, say,
: > 32?  I can't imagine making it larger then 32 but I can see some valid
: > arguments to going from 16 to 32 and perhaps bumping up the hostname
: > field in utmp.h at the same time.
:While you're at it, I could also use a larger MNAMELEN.
:It's pretty annoying that (Free)BSD has that 80 characters limit,
:while Solaris and Linux don't.  It made me look pretty dumb when
:I wasn't able to mount stuff from a filer in a heterogenous farm
:of servers.  The names of the NFS mounts were just too long for
:the BSD machines.  (I finally managed to work around it, but it
:was annoying nonetheless.)
:   Oliver

    There must be some sort of limit on Solaris and Linux.  Does anyone
    know what that limit is?  If we are going to change our limit we should
    make it the same as one of the two.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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