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Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Aug 19 07:06:09 PDT 2003

Matthew Dillon wrote:
 > :While you're at it, I could also use a larger MNAMELEN.
 > :
 > :It's pretty annoying that (Free)BSD has that 80 characters limit,
 > :while Solaris and Linux don't.  It made me look pretty dumb when
 > :I wasn't able to mount stuff from a filer in a heterogenous farm
 > :of servers.  The names of the NFS mounts were just too long for
 > :the BSD machines.  (I finally managed to work around it, but it
 > :was annoying nonetheless.)
 >     There must be some sort of limit on Solaris and Linux.  Does anyone
 >     know what that limit is?  If we are going to change our limit we should
 >     make it the same as one of the two.

I just tried to find out by experimentation, and crashed
one half of our NetApp filer cluster.  :-}

At least Solaris 2.8 did not complain about a mount that
was 415 characters long.  Actually I intended to make a
binary search to find out the limit, but after the crash
I prefer to avoid further experiments.  Will open a call
at NetApp tomorrow.  :-)


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