HAMMER2. Lost children.

Romick yellowrabbit2010 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 01:59:48 PDT 2017

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 10:03:27PM -0700, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> No, definitely not correct behavior.  I've pushed an update to master, please
> try again.  You might need to newfs_hammer2 again, that filesystem might be
> shot now (unfortuantely).
> There are issued with PFS creation.  I've fixed a few but I don't think I've
> whacked them all.

at commit	c42feed66acbf22ef5c9020869d16a2abe67778f
I recreate hammer2 fs (I do this after every crash), create my 12 PFSes
and start mount/umount, change modes/owners & moving stuff.

This version behaved decently until the moment I did not give the
following command:
/mnt/video-0 # dd if=/dev/da8 bs=100M | tar xvf -
this is unpacking approximately 16GB from usb flash. When I in another
terminal mounted another PFS, then immediately the log began to be filled
with LOST CHILDREN.  But no panic. 

Sep 22 18:43:12 fly kernel: hammer2_mount
Sep 22 18:43:12 fly kernel: hammer2_mount: dev="" label="LLVM-VAR"
Sep 22 18:43:12 fly kernel: hammer2_mount hmp=0xffffff8520720000
Sep 22 18:43:12 fly kernel: hammer2_mount hmp=0xffffff8520720000
Sep 22 18:43:18 fly kernel: PFS: Starting inode 1024
Sep 22 18:43:18 fly kernel: PMP focus good set nextino=1024
Sep 22 18:43:44 fly kernel: LOST CHILD2
0xffffff8531fbb0a0->0xffffff852ab0bf20 (actual parent 0xffffff852cd2cb20)
Sep 22 18:43:54 fly kernel: LOST CHILD3
0xffffff85310a8f20->0xffffff85310b1920 (actual parent 0xffffff85349078a0)
Sep 22 18:44:12 fly kernel: LOST CHILD3
0xffffff852cd386a0->0xffffff851ecdcd20 (actual parent 0xffffff851ecdd020)
Sep 22 18:44:33 fly kernel: Warning: vfsync skipped 1 dirty buf in pass2!
Sep 22 18:44:58 fly kernel: LOST CHILD3
0xffffff852d327d20->0xffffff852d9ea8a0 (actual parent 0xffffff853464f220)
Sep 22 18:47:54 fly kernel: LOST CHILD3
0xffffff8534a0eaa0->0xffffff8534a123a0 (actual parent 0xffffff8534a0a420)
Sep 22 18:48:17 fly kernel: LOST CHILD3
0xffffff852c18e320->0xffffff852d3368a0 (actual parent 0xffffff8532893a20)
Sep 22 18:48:20 fly kernel: LOST CHILD2
0xffffff852d334920->0xffffff8532e3b3a0 (actual parent 0xffffff852d5dd7a0)
Sep 22 18:48:38 fly kernel: Warning: vfsync skipped 1 dirty buf in pass2!
Sep 22 18:48:52 fly kernel: LOST CHILD3
0xffffff8082dc9fa0->0xffffff852eeecca0 (actual parent 0xffffff852eef2520)
Sep 22 18:49:05 fly kernel: LOST CHILD2
0xffffff853218d420->0xffffff8532e91020 (actual parent 0xffffff852d6d2fa0)

  with best regards,    
  Yellow Rabbit https://twitter.com/YLRabbit
  DragonFly 4.9-DEVELOPMENT x86_64

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