Maintenance of mirrored filesystem

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Fri Dec 15 09:49:27 PST 2017

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 8:24 AM, John R. Shannon <john at>

> I setup hammer filesystems on identical disk drives. I created a number
> of PFS that are mirrored. Over time, the storage allocation on the
> MASTER has remained constant while it continues to grow on the SLAVE as
> shown in the following:
> MASTER                   5588G  1456G  4132G    26%    /master
> SLAVE                    5588G  2775G  2813G    50%    /slave
> /master/pfs/@@-1:00002   5588G  1456G  4132G    26%    /master/backups/dns
> /master/pfs/@@-1:00001   5588G  1456G  4132G    26%
> /master/backups/colleen
> /master/pfs/@@-1:00003   5588G  1456G  4132G    26%
> /master/backups/domain0
> /master/pfs/@@-1:00004   5588G  1456G  4132G    26%    /master/backups/imap
> /master/pfs/@@-1:00005   5588G  1456G  4132G    26%    /master
> ...
> Am I missing a maintenance step that needs to be performed on the slave?

​By default, the daily periodic script for hammer cleanup only works on
mounted volumes, so that's why your unmounted slaves are not being cleaned
up. You can tell it to clean up unmounted volumes by adding this line to

path_to_second_unmounted_pfs etc"

The unfortunate side effect of this is that will cause it to stop cleaning
up mounted PFSes, so I created a separate hammer cleanup script in
/etc/periodic/daily that cleans up the mounted ones.

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