cvs commit: src/bin/ps ps.1 src/sbin/i386/nextboot nextboot.8 src/sbin/ip6fw ip6fw.8 src/sbin/ipfw ipfw.8 src/sbin/kldconfig kldconfig.8 src/sbin/kldload kldload.8 src/sbin/reboot boot_pc32.8 src/share/mk src/usr.bin/fstat fstat.1 src/usr.bin/ipcs ...

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Tue Sep 2 04:58:23 PDT 2008

* Matthias Schmidt wrote:
>     usr.sbin/trpt        trpt.8 
>   Log:
>   Rename /kernel and /module to /boot/kernel and /boot/module where appropriate.

This is /modules (with an S) of course :)

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