Possibility to adapt UEFI boot process

Евгений Шиянов eugene.shiyanov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 10:25:50 PDT 2023


Is there any possibility to change/modify behaviour of boot1.efi bootloader?
>From UEFI(8) I've learned that "boot1.efi searches partitions of type
`DragonFly UFS1' and the first disklabel64(5) partition in GPT
partitions of type `DragonFly Label64' for loader.efi.

I've performed manual installation according to handbook and copied
/boot/boot1.efi to EFI system partition.

The problem is: I have previously installed FreeBSD on the nmve0s6 gpt
partition which is has type freebsd-ufs and formatted with ufs2
Dragonflybsd is located on nvme0s7 gpt partition, ufs /boot on
nvme0s7a and hammer2 / on nvme0s7d.

So, as I understand, normally boot1.efi would find the first disklabel
partition in GPT partitions of type `DragonFly Label64' which is
nvme0s7a in my case, but before that it hits to freebsd's partition
and passes to freebsd's loader.efi instead of dragonflybsd's
loader.efi. As a result, freebsd is loaded in any case, despite which
loader I choose from EFI system partition - freebsd's of dflybsd's

Could someone point me if it possible to change boot process, so that
boot1.efi could skip freebsd's partition to be able to find next

Thanks a lot and excuse me for my English.

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