Jail man page question on symlink between dev/null and boot/kernel

Mayu Inc. pomomayu at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 08:45:22 PDT 2023


The jail(8) manpage section on creating jails shows a step where a symlink
is created between dev/null and boot/kernel of the new jail.

What is the purpose of this symlink?

This command failed on a test system because there is nothing in the dev
directory of the newly created jail.

Previously a 'make build-all' and 'make install-all' were successfully
performed on this system with the DragonFly_RELEASE_6_4 source code from
github. When creating the new jail, apart from the symlink error, there
were no errors as well.

     cd /usr/src
     mkdir -p $D
     make installworld DESTDIR=$D
     cd etc
     make distribution DESTDIR=$D
     cd $D
     ln -sf dev/null boot/kernel
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