TeX Live 2023 pretest binaries now available for DragonFlyBSD 6.4.0

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Wed Mar 8 06:39:41 PST 2023

The build season for TeX Live 2023 is in progress, and I'm pleased to
announce to DragonFlyBSD list members that binaries are now available
for DragonFlyBSD 6.4.0 in the bin directory linked to at the top of
this site:


If you have the TeX Live 2022 release on your system, and you have
sufficient disk space, first update the 2022 tree with

	tlmgr update --self
	tlmgr update --all

Then copy the contents of the 2022 tree to a new 2023 tree, excluding
the bin subdirectory contents, download the binaries from


and unpack that file under texlive/2023/bin/.

Adjust your PATH variable appropriately to put the 2023 tree ahead of
any other TeX Live YYYY directories, and you now have TeX Live 2023.

To keep the 2023 tree up to date, set the package repository to the
Utah pretest mirror with

	tlmgr option repository http://www.math.utah.edu/pub/texlive/tlpretest

or to any nearer mirror as described at


and finally, at suitable intervals, run

	tlmgr update --self
	tlmgr update --all

Comments / questions / problems / ... can be directed off list to me.

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