near, mid, and long term prospects of dragonfly

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Mon Jan 16 10:33:40 PST 2023

On 1/16/23 17:17, Stanislav Syekirin wrote:
> Michael Neumann <mneumann at> wrote:
>> Keep in mind that this was using HAMMER version 1, which worked pretty 
>> damn well, but is not suggested to be used anymore on DragonFly. 
>> Better use HAMMER2 now.
> I'm confused. says that HAMMER is 
> the default file system for DragonFly. Is that not the case? Neither 
> does say anything about it 
> being deprecated or obsolete (though it might not be up to date, because 
> it says that HAMMER "is intended to replace ffs(5) as the default file 
> system for DragonFly"). Can you please tell me more about why HAMMER 
> should not be used and HAMMER2 should be used instead?

The default filesystem is HAMMER2 nowadays! If you run the installer, 
you'll notice that! HAMMER version 1 is most likely still operational.
All stress testing is done on HAMMER2 (all the DragonFly build machines 
run HAMMER2 AFAIK), so if you run HAMMER1 yourself potential regressions 
would go undetected and might hit you... unlikely but possible :). 
HAMMER1 had been battle tested when it was still the dominant FS for 

I think that page is just a bit outdated. You see that HAMMER2 is 
already 10 years old and at one point in time it became the default 
filesystem. Maybe HAMMER2 should be listed first.



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