package clamav-0.105.1_4,1 fails to update signatures

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Jan 11 22:09:01 PST 2023

You can lock a package via 'pkg lock ...' so it won't be overwritten.
That's the easiest solution.

You can also maintain your own full custom repo using 'dsynth' (man
dsynth).  That's what we use to build the official repo.  There is a bit of
a learning curve and its nice to have a fast system and a modest amount of
memory and a lot of swap to really push the concurrency.  But it can be run
on small systems too with some care.  Some packages, like chromium, require
a ton of memory even with minimal concurrency though.   Beyond that, its
just time.... a well-endowed system (5900X, 7900X, threadripper) can build
the entire package set in a day or two.   A smaller system might take a
week.  A laptop might take even longer.

Its usually easier to use dsynth than to use make inside the dports tree.
Options overrides are also separated out into their own directory.

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