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> Hi again,
> Please take this in the spirit it's given (constructive suggestion, no offense meant, y'all know better than I why what you're doing works, y'all think forums suck, etc)... Y'all might think about hosting a forum where it's much easier to find threads pertaining to problems. The mailing list archives are semi-searchable, but looking through reams of threads is a bit more challenging than looking through forums posts where you can quickly scan through threads.
> My system is currently hosed as noted in my radeon post. Basically, I knowingly edited loader.conf into despondency and now I get panics in all of the available boot modes from the boot menu.

Sorry to hear you're somehow stuck with a non-booting system.

> However, I can boot with the USB. So, I booted to usb via ramdisk (r) and got a prompt. Where, for all of my prior-bsd knowledge, I'm at a loss as to how to:
> 1. Find the root filesystem - gpt show da0 just lists raw partition info?
> 2. Mount the root filesystem (r/w, of course)
> I figure if I can get the filesystem mounted (r/w), I can vi /myroot/boot/loader.conf and unbork the system.

The goal is to find the UFS /boot partition where loader.conf is located.
>From what I've read you have a legacy bios system, so probably no EFI partition, that means the partition you're looking for is probably da0s0a (if my guess was wrong, you can give da0s1a a try).
You can mount that one with "mount /dev/da0s0a /mnt" for example and edit the loader.conf that's in there.

> I'm sure it has something to do with my choosing hammer as my fs, since I remember the running system showing those filesystems with df... but when I run hammer list from the ramfs, it only shows hammer: uuids file does not have the DragonFly Hammer filesystem type.
> hep :)
> Will

You can also join us on #dragonflybsd on EFnet, that could be easier to help you.

Hope you can end up with a booting system again.

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