Bug fix to ipfw in tree, bug fix to hammer2 bulkfree when many inodes are present

Matthew Dillon dillon at backplane.com
Sat Mar 12 18:27:55 PST 2022

There was a bug in ipfw related to adding IP addresses and networks to a
table.  When adding a mixed set of networks and hosts, where the hosts
occur after the networks, ipfw enters the hosts incorrectly by retaining
the network mask from the most recent network ip added on the same command

        ipfw table 1 add     # 2^24 + 1 addresses

A fix has been pushed to both -release and master.  If it affects you it
can be worked around either by upgrading, or by ensuring that only one IP
or network is added to the table for each table add command.


In other news, hammer2 bulkfree operations on filesystems with a very large
number of inodes (e.g. like a hundred million inodes) could exhaust kernel
memory allocating side-structures during deep recursions.   This bug has
finally been fixed!  Prior fixes only made some headway but did not
completely fix the bug.  The fix I just pushed to master fixes the issue

The symptom is that the machine panics, typically during an overnight
automatic hammer2 bulkfree operation.  Or otherwise on lower-memory
machines, the machine locks up during a bulkfree operation.

This latest fix is currently only in master for testing and will be
cherry-picked to the release branch in a month or so.

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