New binary packages available (Sync 2022Q1. Feb, 19th 2022)

Antonio Huete Jimenez tuxillo at
Thu Mar 3 16:29:27 PST 2022

Dear users,

This new binary package set is following 2022Q1 at February, 19th 2022.

*IMPORTANT*: We have switched from LibreSSL to OpenSSL as default in 
DPorts. If you're upgrading from anything prior 2021Q4, you'll have to 
make sure that you don't have both SSL libraries installed.

Users that wish to report issues with specific packages, please open an 
issue here:

Developers that wish to submit fixes, please go here:

30450 packages available

Bleeding-Edge (ABI 6.4)
30469 packages available

For those who are not using the official mirror, take in account the 
mirrors take around 24-48h to pull all the packages.


* If you happen to upgrade pkg from 1.14.x to 1.16.x and above, you'll 
get the following error:

     pkg: Failed to execute lua script: [string "-- args:
     etc/pkg.conf.sample..."]:12: attempt to call a nil value (field 'stat')
     pkg: lua script failed
     No active remote repositories configured.

   It's a known bug, simply copy the sample mirror config file over:

     # cp /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/df-latest.conf.sample

- The DragonFly BSD team

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