DragonFly 6.2 released

Aaron LI aly at aaronly.me
Mon Jan 10 16:50:40 PST 2022

> On Jan 11, 2022, at 06:05, André Pfeiffer <pfeiffer.ufsc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Justin,
> Great news!
> I have been interested in a type 1 virtualization to use with DragonflyBSD. Last time I checked there wasn't one yet and after seeing the announcement I tried to find out but I'm still not sure, so, do we have DragonflyBSD support for any type 1 hypervisor?

If you mean dragonfly as type-1 hypervisor, the answer is no.

Typical examples of type-1 hypervisors are Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen.The hypervisor runs directly on the bare-metal machine, and the host OS is just a special VM managed by the hypervisor.

If you mean dragonfly as type-1 hypervisor guest, the answer depends. But one person reported recently that dragonfly doesn’t boot on Hyper-V. See https://github.com/DragonFlyBSD/dragonfly-packer/issues/1

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