Problems with sites using Let's Encrypt certificates

Phansi phansi at
Wed Oct 6 22:23:00 PDT 2021

> Antonio reports about the certificate verification problem
> for the DragonFlyBSD package system:
> >> There is a fix already available, please check:
> >>
> >>

Thanks for this, I overlooked this message. This worked.
> I saw that response when it was originally posted, but I have a newly
> installed VM with no working package system, and no interest in
> building kernels or anything else on DragonFlyBSD from remote source
> code repositories.  What does
> >> Only a 'world' upgrade is needed, please proceed with the usual
> >> procedure
> mean in my context?  The phrase "world" does not exist in the output
> of "man pkg".
> I need to install scores of packages on this VM before it can be used
> for my work in software testing and development.

I believe the suggested solution requires download of sources and most likely has not much (if anything) to do with pkg.


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