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> These two devices refuse to function:
> ugen0.4: <ONN> at usbus0
> uaudio1: <ONN 100009002, class 0/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 3> on usbus0
> uaudio1: No playback.
> uaudio1: Record: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, 24-bit S-LE PCM format, 2x8ms buffer.

> pcm1: <USB audio> on uaudio1
> uaudio1: HID volume keys found.

That's a microphone, so having it say "no playback" seems correct - it's
not going to play audio, just receive it.  The fact that it's showing the
different recording rates and lists it as device pcm1 seems like it could
work, though a quick google search does not list that model as working for
any BSD.

You may have to set the default sound unit to reach it - see this old post

And then it might require messing with mixer to set the input levels - i.e.
if levels are set to 0 for the device, it'll never record anything.

Then in theory, you could read from it using cat and read it back out to a
speaker (which can be loud!)

cat /dev/pcm1 > soundfile; cat soundfile > /dev/pcm1

Or maybe it would be uaudio1 instead of pcm1...  I don't have a DragonFly
machine with any sound device to try this out on, so these are what I think
might work rather than from a direct experiment.

ugen0.8: <Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.> at usbus0

I haven't touched video on any BSD - I see some reference to support for
this through generic USB video in OpenBSD and maybe FreeBSD, but I have not
see any specific work on USB video in DragonFly so I doubt it would work.
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