Jonathan Engwall engwalljonathanthereal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 19:53:22 PST 2021

For the third time - do you know the first time I was successful - I am
attempting to add a GPU.
I am trying now to use the dport and I see this: <see the screenshot below>
try 'make deinstall' then 'make reinstall' to 'upgrade' perl5 properly.
Installing perl5 took HOURS. I installed it two weeks ago. Perl5 has 2400+
tests and I passed all but one!
What is this crap? What is 'make deinstall?'
A friend of mine died last night because his piece-of-shit sister "made the
call" and took away the ventilator. She posted about it on facebook. It
makes me think. He was 50 in a few weeks. You have time you have, that is
what you get. Why am I still wasting time on this OS. It's been a solid
year now. Things only seem to get BROKEN!
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