jail questions

Matthew Dillon dillon at backplane.com
Wed Jun 3 11:19:15 PDT 2020

We did a bunch of work on localhost bindings for jails.  Basically it works
as follows:

* You can specify a list of IPs for the jail (more than one if you desire)

* Any 'localhost' binding within the jail will automatically be translated
to the localhost IP specified when the jail was created, or the host IP if
no localhost IP was specified.

* You can, if you desire, isolate the jail's localhost by passing something
other than to the jail.  You can add to the localhost
interface as an alias for example and pass into the jail.  Any
bindings to within the jail will actually bind to from
the point of view of the host outside the jail.

There are also a number of jail sysctl variables which effect how network
addresses are handled.
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