Macbook Air 2017 (7,2) Support

Patrick McDonough ~patrick/dfly at
Mon Jun 29 09:31:27 PDT 2020

Howdy. I'm working on getting Dragonfly 5.8 running on a reasonably 
recent Macbook Air (2017), with the intent to update the 
DragonFlyOnLaptops page with something a touch newer. The only real 
issues I've faced are audio and trackpad related, as I've skirted around 
dealing with Broadocm wifi using a cheap adapter board.

Audio mostly works with snd_hda_load="YES" in loader.conf without 
further configuration. However this is only on pcm2, which is the 
headphone output. For speakers (pcm1) to work, I had to fiddle with the 
gpio configuration.

sysctl dev.hdaa.1.gpio_config=0=set

Dandy. The trackpad less so.

I'm seeing seemingly random middle and right clicks when using the 
trackpad. It only happens when the trackpad is in use - so using a USB 
mouse alleviates the problem entirely. However within seconds of moving 
the cursor using the trackpad, I'm accosted by either middle or right 
click events.

My configuration is a default XFCE4 desktop on Xorg, with everything 
installed through pkg. dbus, moused, and hald are the only additional 
services enabled in my rc.conf.

If anyone has a clue, that would be great. Failing that - a link to the 
man/code for the relevant subsystem handling the trackpad 
(xorg-input-something? moused?) would be welcome.


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