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Chuck Musser cmusser at
Tue Dec 31 14:56:39 PST 2019

Ok, cool. I did a pkg upgrade on my 5.6 system and used 1.40 to
successfully compile a program  that uses the new async/.await feature,
so that's pretty nice. Thanks for the work on the Rust port.

On 2019-12-31 02:12, Antonio Huete Jiménez wrote:

> The rust-bootstrap-dragonfly repository is intended to be used just to  create the bootstrap files for the rust port in DPorts. I have pushed  now what we used to create the bootstrap for 1.40 (which is now in  DPorts/master and in the binary packages), and that's the recommended  one to use in DragonFly BSD installations, it should work in both  release and master.
> Chuck Musser <cmusser at> escribió:
>> Well, I got 1.39.0 to compile, but it might be that useful as an end  product. This based on a fork of the "boostrap"repository: It has the  following caveats:
>> - master only. Both the resulting language tools (rustc, etc) and  the binaries compiled with them only work on a system running  master. I tried them on a 5.6 system and they require a libc that is  not present, which I guess isn't surprising.
>> - In order for rustc to work, I had to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the  "lib" subdirectory of the build products directory (the directory  you specify as an argument to This directory contains  shared libraries whose names have long suffixes. I'm not sure where  these live on a "production" system.
>> - This is actually one version behind the current one, which is now 1.40.
>> At any rate, I had to create a couple of patches (one for the  __errno_location() in libc, the other in the openssl-sys crate, to  specify the ssl library directory). Also, one of the existing  patches, to a part of LLVM had to be modified so that the proper  name of a field in the statvfs structure was used. I'm not sure how  much of this stuff is correct or can be incorporated into a more  official build, but it's there for anyone who wants to look around.
>> Chuck
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