Rust 1.39

Antonio Huete Jiménez tuxillo at
Tue Dec 31 02:12:54 PST 2019

The rust-bootstrap-dragonfly repository is intended to be used just to  
create the bootstrap files for the rust port in DPorts. I have pushed  
now what we used to create the bootstrap for 1.40 (which is now in  
DPorts/master and in the binary packages), and that's the recommended  
one to use in DragonFly BSD installations, it should work in both  
release and master.

Chuck Musser <cmusser at> escribió:

> Well, I got 1.39.0 to compile, but it might be that useful as an end  
> product. This based on a fork of the "boostrap"repository:  
> It has the  
> following caveats:
> - master only. Both the resulting language tools (rustc, etc) and  
> the binaries compiled with them only work on a system running  
> master. I tried them on a 5.6 system and they require a libc that is  
> not present, which I guess isn't surprising.
> - In order for rustc to work, I had to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the  
> "lib" subdirectory of the build products directory (the directory  
> you specify as an argument to This directory contains  
> shared libraries whose names have long suffixes. I'm not sure where  
> these live on a "production" system.
> - This is actually one version behind the current one, which is now 1.40.
> At any rate, I had to create a couple of patches (one for the  
> __errno_location() in libc, the other in the openssl-sys crate, to  
> specify the ssl library directory). Also, one of the existing  
> patches, to a part of LLVM had to be modified so that the proper  
> name of a field in the statvfs structure was used. I'm not sure how  
> much of this stuff is correct or can be incorporated into a more  
> official build, but it's there for anyone who wants to look around.
> Chuck

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