One ssh hangs on exit, the other doesn't

Harald Brinkhof harald.brinkhof at
Thu Dec 5 00:48:18 PST 2019

Maybe some background processes keep running and prevent the X program from
sitting down?

On Thu, Dec 5, 2019, 06:36 M. L. Wilson <ipc at> wrote:

> Interesting that this happens to you. Quite often after having been
> ssh'ed into my DragonFly box, my ssh sessions hang on exit and have to
> be killed manually also.
> On 12/4/19 11:08 AM, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> > I just added some text to the DocBook file of PerfectTIN, which is
> compiled by
> > pandoc to PDF. Because the pandoc on my Linux box is older than that on
> my
> > DragonFly box, I have to build it on DragonFly. So I typed "ssh -X
> zyxomma" in
> > two konsoles, then entered the source tree in one and ran kwrite, and
> entered
> > the build tree in the other and ran okular.
> >
> > After over an hour of typing and making, I closed kwrite and okular and
> hit
> > control-D in both ssh sessions. The one that was running kwrite closed
> and
> > returned me to the Linux prompt; the one that was running okular hung,
> and I
> > had to kill it. Why?
> >
> > Pierre
> >
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