One ssh hangs on exit, the other doesn't

M. L. Wilson ipc at
Wed Dec 4 21:36:34 PST 2019

Interesting that this happens to you. Quite often after having been
ssh'ed into my DragonFly box, my ssh sessions hang on exit and have to
be killed manually also.

On 12/4/19 11:08 AM, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> I just added some text to the DocBook file of PerfectTIN, which is compiled by 
> pandoc to PDF. Because the pandoc on my Linux box is older than that on my 
> DragonFly box, I have to build it on DragonFly. So I typed "ssh -X zyxomma" in 
> two konsoles, then entered the source tree in one and ran kwrite, and entered 
> the build tree in the other and ran okular.
> After over an hour of typing and making, I closed kwrite and okular and hit 
> control-D in both ssh sessions. The one that was running kwrite closed and 
> returned me to the Linux prompt; the one that was running okular hung, and I 
> had to kill it. Why?
> Pierre

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