DragonFlyBSD Project Update - colo upgrade, future trends

Tse 1 at tse.gratis
Tue Aug 20 13:58:24 PDT 2019

Many congratulations on completing so many SMP goals, and reaching a
turning point for dfly!

I am enjoying using the OS you have all created

> As Ravenports made very good progress since it's existence and IMHO is
> superior in design, I was hoping that it will become the standard ports
> system for DragonFly one day. Reading your comment above makes me think
> that this won't happen soon or at all :)

Would it be possible to re-target the dports overlay onto ravenports?  They
don't seem that different.  This would give more up-to-date ports, aswell
as pool projects and effort

I'm easily wrong, but I'd of thought that was much better than, say,
re-creating synth?

> My five-month-old baby has been keeping me busy so I have not looked into
> Dfly much these days. But it has been my 7-year-old daughter who has been
> upgrading the system from the source the last few times. She is alternate
> schooled so and I have been thinking of exposing dfly and MX Linux as her
> first Operating Systems :-)

Awesome.  I'm really happy for you!

> I note that no one is stepping up to take over the task of trying to
> deal with the mailing lists.

No great ideas, but I notice discourse is open source, privately hostable,
and can even notify you with emails ;)  https://www.discourse.org/features or
even https://www.okuna.io/en/home

I tried and failed to make IRC work, but thankfully my technical skill
extended to the mailing list (joke, but still true)

> There are four more things on my DragonFly wishlist:

I enjoyed reading you list, so let me add my own:

- Powersaving / sleep
I'm too lazy to turn my laptop off, but don't like the waste heat.  I
notice AMD says software power management accounts for 15% of their
performance improvement over the last 10 years.  But I just want to be
green+economical AND lazy

- Hardware virtualization
Anything I can't do in dfly, I can happily do with virutalization...  So
long as I do it slowly ;)

Anyway, thankyou so much to all of you for providing a great system.  I
appreciate it
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