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On Monday, 22. July 2019 23:56, Matthew Dillon <dillon at backplane.com> wrote:

> The mailing lists are not seeing much if any activity any more.  This is more a generational issue... people kinda prefer web-based forums these days and younger generations do not use mailing lists at all for group stuff (not really).  Even the devs almost universally use IRC and not mailing lists for discussions now (its kinda too bad that we don't have a permanent irc log stored on DFly servers for posterity).  So we are looking into potentially shifting user interaction to a web-based forum, perhaps this year, and retiring the mailing lists, leaving just an archive for the mailing list.  Possibly sometime this year, so look for action on that upcoming.

Hello. 'yes,yes,yes' to an idea of web-based forum. As a new user (migrated from FreeBSD recently) it has been the biggest hurdle for me in regards of DragonFly. Documentation is relatively old - sometimes no longer precise, there's no official forum and mailing lists histories have little relevant information. I've been forced to  dive into DragonFly's code, check DragonFly's docs against FreeBSD documentation, dig in FreeBSD forum for old examples  and just experiment.

True, web forums generate tons of useless yabbering but over time they would also serve as excellent knowledge base: problems met/problems solved, HOW-TO/Tutorial threads, et cetera. Forum would definitely make DragonFly more attractive to new users. My 2 cents.

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