Laptop or Notebook recommendation?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Oct 2 10:28:28 PDT 2018

For laptops its really hit or miss.  Laptops go through major changes
literally every 6 months and will change-up graphics, wifi, BIOS, etc.  So
its impossible to know what will work well and what will not without
someone actually getting a laptop.  I still use my old Acer 720P
chromebook.  Intel based IGPU graphics work the best w/DFly.  Other
graphics generally only work in EFI framebuffer mode (meaning, not
accelerated and if EFI doesn't boot in the right resolution you are S.O.L.).

I did recently get a Dell XPS 13 9360 (Intel i5 based) laptop.  It uses the
built-in Intel graphics and runs DragonFlyBSD quite well.  Video and sound
work, usb ports work, mousepad works.  Backlight brightness and sound level
sysctls work.  Some things don't work...   touch screen doesn't work, and
the built-in wifi doesn't work so I use a little USB wifi nub to get wifi
connectivity.  Also I don't think we have support for the video camera
either (not sure we support any laptop cameras, actually).  Also keep in
mind that sleep mode doesn't work w/DFly on any laptop, though the dell
should last 8+ hours on a full charge.


On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 9:59 AM Dr. Martin Ivanov <
martin.ivanov at> wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I have been using Slackware Linux for more than 12 years. Now I am
> considering giving a BSD a try and my choice has fallen on DragonFly.
> Unfortunately, the laptops I have are all with Nvidia video cards, which
> turn to be best supported by Linux, but as I realize not at all supported
> by DragonFly. So, I am considering buying a new laptop that will be fully
> compatible with DragonFly BSD. Any recommendations? The Supported Hardware
> page in the DragonFly website claims to be obsolete. Therefore, I will be
> happy to receive more up-to-date information about the hardware
> compatibility and probably specific laptop or notebook recommendations. I
> would be particularly happy if there happen to be newer models (not older
> than say 2-3 years) that are supported by DragonFly.
> Thank you very much for your attention!
> Best regards,
> Martin
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