Laptop or Notebook recommendation?

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Tue Oct 2 10:20:48 PDT 2018

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> Hello everybody,

Hi Martin,

> I have been using Slackware Linux for more than 12 years. Now I am
> considering giving a BSD a try and my choice has fallen on DragonFly.


> Unfortunately, the laptops I have are all with Nvidia video cards, which
> turn to be best supported by Linux, but as I realize not at all supported
> by DragonFly. So, I am considering buying a new laptop that will be fully
> compatible with DragonFly BSD. Any recommendations? The Supported Hardware
> page in the DragonFly website claims to be obsolete. Therefore, I will be
> happy to receive more up-to-date information about the hardware
> compatibility and probably specific laptop or notebook recommendations. I
> would be particularly happy if there happen to be newer models (not older
> than say 2-3 years) that are supported by DragonFly.

I heard good news from users that running DragonFly on recent ThinkPads
(e.g., X1 carbon (not sure the exact version), T450, etc.) and Dell XPS 13
(seems about 2 years old).

By the way, I'd suggest you ask (and wait) on the IRC (#dragonflybsd on

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